• Image of KAHAWA // Coffee Scoop with Batik Bone
  • Image of KAHAWA // Coffee Scoop with Batik Bone

Beautifully hand carved coffee scoop from Kenyan wild olive wood. The handle is adorned with batik recycled cow bone.

Pattern and wood grain may vary, as this is a handcrafted item.

Product Specifications //
6.5"L x 1.5"W x 1"T

Care: Hand wash in warm water, dry, and apply a light coat of food safe mineral oil or olive oil to keep the wood conditioned during storage.

Hand carved in Kenya // Fair Trade


African wild olive is a rich, warm wood native to many countries in Africa, including Kenya. Heavy, dense, and richly grained, wild olive wood carves into durable natural pieces and is a favored wood of Kenya's skilled Kamba carvers. These carvers work every scrap of wood into a useful item, giving each tree a new life.


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